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So, yeah, I'm closing my commissions, probably definitely this time. I just realized making commissions is not what I want to do.

I really love to draw, but I want to draw what I want, when I want. If it is for money, I will be tied to do precise things. And it became kinda obvious I tend to be less productive when my hands are tied (hence my slowness to do my current requests for contest winners). I don't want drawing to become an obligation : it's a hobbie for me, and it should stay a hobbie.

Plus, I now have many things to do, like studying, working on projects for my school, and being president of a club. Lately, I only had enough time/courage to draw doodles and unfinished drawings. I'm not even counting my other hobbies. So yeah. Let's be honest : I'm actually more in the mood to do doodles during classes than sophisticated drawings during my free time. And I'm a slow drawer. So making many complex drawings takes a big amount of time.

Don't worry : I'll still finish my current requests. You will just... have to wait a little more. Sorry.

Also, you can ask me for drawings if you want, but these will just be requests : meaning I will only draw which requests I want, when I want, and finish them as I want. No money, less obligations.
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CG : Caloremel's complete ref sheet by Almarane
CG : Caloremel's complete ref sheet

/!\ Download for HD. Heavy file. /!\

CrashGrind's official ref sheet :

EDIT : Added Calor's tail's flame

So ! This is the complete, HD ref sheet for Caloremel, my new character for the club CrashGrind. I've been working on him for some weeks now, and I'm pretty proud with how it ended up =)
He may seem grumpy, but in the end he's a kind, caring demon. As long as you don't ask him to be friends.

CrashGrind : Caloremel's skills by Almarane
CrashGrind : Caloremel's skills
/!\ Download for HD /!\
Ref sheet :


        Hellfire : "The Fire Runner gets his powers from the blazing fires of Hell. This power can be a terrific source of destruction."
                A powerful Fire-based element, also allowing to use smoke and ashes-based powers. Unlocks most of Caloremel's spells and magic attacks. 
        ??? : "You have not yet unlocked this element."

Primary Skill

    Focus : "You are a Fire Demon in a Beat'em'all game : YOU create chaos ! Would be a shame if chaos took the best of you."
            Caloremel becomes
resistant to distractions from the noises, commotion, and chaos around him.

Special Skills

         None - ///



         None - ///


         None - ///


         None - ///

Unarmed Combat


         None - ///


         None - ///


         None - ///

Armed Combat


         None - ///


         None - ///


         None - ///

Combat Modifiers


         None - ///


         None - ///


         None - ///

Offensive Magic


         None - ///


         None - ///


         None - ///

Defensive Magic


         None - ///


         None - ///


         None - ///

Support Magic


         None - ///


         None - ///


         None - ///</b>
CrashGrind : Caloremel by Almarane
CrashGrind : Caloremel
/!\ Download for HD /!\

Complete ref sheet :

I hope you don't mind heat. 'Cause I'm the Fire Runner, and I like my preys well-cooked !

Name: Caloremel

Apparent Age: Somewhere between 20 and 30 in his humanoid form

Height: 6.25ft (1,90m)

Genre: Action (Coop Beat'em'all)

Skill Chart:


Game Title: Runners : Of Ashes and Snow (Main Character)

Games Summary:

In Runners : Of Ashes and Snow, the players follow the story of Caloremel, a.k.a the Fire Runner, a Demon who betrayed the Devil, and Nivemel, a.k.a the Snow Princess, the Head Angel's daugter. While Caloremel is trying to flee from the Devil, while Nivemel's player takes on a quest from the Head Angel to investigate in various incidents. The two of them finally meet while Nivemel is attacked by demons too powerfull for her alone, and Caloremel is somewhat "forced" to follow Nivemel on her quest. It turns out that the Devil was no stranger to these strange incidents - but unfortunately, problems were way more serious than what everyone thought...


Runners is a cooperative Beat'em'all, with nervous action and challenging boss battles, where you need two players at all times, each one playing one of the two characters available. Some stages need to be made solo, but most of them are made in duo. Each character has his strong points and his weaknesses, and the players must maintain a good balance between the characters' abilities if they want to complete the game.

While Nivemel is based on Support Magic and attacking from a distance, Caloremel is way more aggressive than her. Being the attacker of the duo, his goal is to make as much damages as possible while Nivemel covers him, using mainly his claws (they grow bigger and look more demonic when he is using them to attack) and uses his Hellfire power to battle. He is a close-combat fighter, with high attack stats and mobility. His weak points are his lack of long range attacks, and his high dependency on Nivemel for buffs and heals to stay alive. One workaround for his low defense can be to use some points on his Regeneration skill, but it is more interesting to use those points in attack skills.

In Runners, Caloremel's skill tree is based on 3 branches :

  • The first, Hellfire, contains fire-based spells to attack, and ashes-based spells to debuff ennemies. He mainly has close and middle ranged attacks, with very few and way less effective long ranged attacks.

  • The second branch, Hellspawn, increases mainly his offense, such as his damages or his combos. Some skills, like Regeneration, can increase his defense, but they are way less effective.

  • The last branch, Fire Runner, enhance his utility, mobility and miscellaneous stats.

In the game, he can become a feral panthera-like creature, becoming stronger and quicker, but more vulnerable to attacks. He can also fly, "running" on the sky and leaving behind him a trail of flames.



Caloremel can be seen at first as the demonic embodiment of Grumpy Cat, never smiling. He keeps most things to himself, and is hard to warm up to, having problems making friends. He likes to play it like he is a cool, dark, mysterious man. Anyway, as he betrayed the Devil in order to help mankind, he tends to protect others and is a kind guy deep down of his heart, even though he tries to make people think he is way less kind than he really is.

He gets pissed really quick, but most of the time it will be some kind of "calm" anger. But if one talks too much about "private" things, he will go on an overexagerated anime-like anger, being in fact really shy about private matters.

Being chaotic, he tends to not follow the rules when he thinks they are not necessary, and hates tyrant leaders (they remind him to much of the Devil).

Miscellaneous Info:

In Runners, when he engages battle, little flames emanate from his wrists and his heels, with a little flame floating in front of his forehead. Those flames are turned off when he is not in battle. The only flame staying turned on when he is not in battle in the one at the tip of his tail. Plus, those flame are just for aesthetic and don't cause any damages nor emit heat. As said earlier, when he attacks, his hands turn into big demonic-like claws. However, those parts of his code glitched just before entering CrashGrind, and he has yet to find a way to repair it.


Acquired Items: NONE

Earned Titles: NONE

Material Box: EMPTY


WIP - Triple Trouble by Almarane
WIP - Triple Trouble
Yeah guys, I'm not dead !
I'm just really busy with school. So, to show you I'm not dead, here is a little WIP I'm working on since something like... two months ? I started it before the last Homestuck doodle, and still haven't finished =w= I work on it from time to time, between two drawings/assignements.
In this drawing, you can see my OC's new design, and my sisters' OCs, Gaja and Gigi.

Art and Almarane©Rachel/Almarane
Purple by Almarane
Hi there.
Why don't you open ?
Don't be afraid.
I'm your friend.




Five Nights at Freddy's©Scott Cawthon

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